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Hey there, readers! This is The Nets Nation (previously known as NJ Nets Nation). Co-founders John Fraty, Adam Callahan, Omar Hozayen, Victor Nash created this website as a way for Nets fans to gain a new perspective. Being a Nets fan was tough last season, but the future is definitely bright. At The Nets Nation, we look at the X’s and O’s of how the Nets play along with potential acquisitions to fortify your experience as a Nets fan.

John Fraty:

I have been an NBA fan for many years now, and I love to discuss the intricacies of basketball. The Nets are my hometown team, and it’s been tough to watch them recently. I have also written basketball for informativesports.com. Writing and basketball are my two passions, and I combine them both on The Nets Nation. Fan feedback is always appreciated; I love hearing what my readers have to say and their opinions.

Adam Callahan:

I have been a fan of the New Jersey Nets since I was very young. I have seen the good and the bad of the organization, but never anything like this ’09-’10 season. However, I am optimistic with this young group. After watching the ’01-’02 season and the ’02-’03 season, I was thrilled about this team’s future. After that, I have not been ecstatic with the result of any of our seasons.

Omar Hozayen:

As an avid NBA fan I have become obsessed with knowing and expressing my opinion about current NBA news. I feel that I have watched, read and lived enough basketball to give an excellent view on the sport. I realized that it was time to start writing when I could start predicting what analysts are going to say before they say it, and when I started to memorize every commentators’ phrases. For example Hubie Brown always likes to say “Now give (Player’s Name) a lot of credit.” One of my favorite phrases is when Mark Jackson says “Grown man moves.” If you’ve started to say these phrases to yourself during the day, then it’s time to start contributing your own ideas.

Victor Nash:

I’ve been a Nets fan since the glory days of 01-02 and consider myself a diehard fan. I love to discuss the game and know quite a bit about the Nets. Our future is looking pretty good, and if you have any questions about my posts feel free to e-mail me.


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